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In our multi-disciplinary program, participants work side-by-side with highly-credentialed health and wellness, mental health, and exercise physiology experts to discover their purpose and live a fully-engaged life. 

Through engaging presentations and personal reflection, Health Athlete participants develop strategies to maintain and expand their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Below is a sample agenda for our 7-week series.


Health Athlete Online
7-Week Program

Module Topics
Week 1
Why Energy?
Move More
  • Introductions
  • Why Energy
  • History of HPI
  • Wellbeing domains
  • Paradigm shift from time to energy
  • Move More
Week 2
Energy Management
  • Energy Management
  • 4 Dimensions of Energy
  • Best Self
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Full Engagement/Barriers to Full Engagement
  • Strategic Recovery
  • Growth Follows Stress
Week 3
Physical Energy
  • Physical Energy
  • Exercise Smarter
  • Eating Strategically
  • Simple Tools for Meal Plans
  • Strategic Snacking
  • Hunger Scale
Week 4
Sleep Better, Emotional Energy
and Mental Energy
  • Review Exercise Smarter and Nutrition (Planning)
  • Sleep Better
  • Emotional Energy
  • Mental Energy
  • Opportunities to Practice
Week 5
Spiritual Energy, Change Model,
Purpose and Training Mission
  • Review Emotional and Mental Energy
  • Spiritual Energy
  • Change Model
  • Purpose
  • Training Mission
Week 6
Facing the Truth, Old Story
Taking Action and New Story
  • Review Purpose and Training Mission
  • Facing the Truth
  • Dimensional barriers in energy management
  • Life Engagement Audit
  • Taking Action
  • New Story
Week 7
Program Review, Accountability,
and The Journey Begins
  • Program Review
  • Accountability
  • Supporting Rituals
  • The Journey Begins
  • Write a letter to your future self; what do you need to hear from yourself in 30 days to motivate you to live your New Story?


Please contact us using the below form and we will send you the appropriate registration information. 

If you are an employee of The Ohio State University, please watch for upcoming series announcements in the OnCampus newsletter. 

Our only request is that you commit to the following statements so that you can get the most benefit out of the program:

  • I will put myself first by engaging fully in the Health Athlete program through video presence and participation;

  • I will disengage with my usual technology and other work/personal distractions;

  • I will fully invest in recovery breaks;

  • I will give my full attention to the reflective assignments; and

  • I will commit to becoming my best and extraordinary self!

Please use the below form or contact us directly at healthathlete@osu.edu.

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