Workshops and Schedule

Workshops for Ohio State University Employees

This program is brought to Ohio State University employees by the Office of the Chief Wellness Officer. Each workshop is $125.00 per person. For the first time in Ohio State's history, all university employees can save money by using their LSA spending credit to retroactively cover the program's cost.

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7-Week Virtual Series (1 hour per week)

Upcoming Series: Starting September 17, 2024
Group from 2019 of at least 20 employees form the O-H-I-O hand symbols

1-Day Workshops

Upcoming Workshops: September 13, 2024 and November 15, 2024
2019_Group Photo_OSU Executives

1-Day Workshops for Executives

Upcoming Workshops: October 17, 2024

Workshops for Ohio State University Students

Undergraduate Students | 1-Credit Course


Graduate Students | 1-Credit Course


Workshops for Your Organization

Are you interested in maximizing energy and improving health and well-being for your employees? If the answer is yes, we would love to bring Health Athlete to your organization!

This program, whether attending as an individual, in a group or participating with your organization will place you in cohorts of like-minded individuals for a tailored experience. In the program, you and your peers or colleagues will examine your goals and values in relation to your spiritual purpose, and mental, emotional and physical development. For information about the program, pricing including group and organizational discounts, workshop dates and to register, please contact us.